NY Jets listed as a 'logical landing spot' for Kyler Murray trade

NY Jets, Kyler Murray
NY Jets, Kyler Murray / Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY

The NY Jets have been connected to various trade rumors over the last couple of months, most of which have been related to the wide receiver market. But few would have expected the Jets to be tied to the quarterback trade market, specifically Kyler Murray.

Now, this isn't necessarily a rumor so much as it is a speculative opinion piece. So let's get one thing straight first — no, the Jets aren't trading for Kyler Murray. That's not happening.

That didn't stop Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports from listing the Jets as a "logical landing spot" for Murray in a potential trade. Along with the Jets were other questionable inclusions such as the Tennessee Titans and Detroit Lions.

Benjamin attempted to explain the rationale behind his decision by stating the following.

"Yes, they're only a year removed from drafting Zach Wilson No. 2 overall, but Murray, who's just two years older, is what they pray Wilson will become. With two firsts and two seconds in this year's draft, not to mention excess cap space, they can afford to take a major swing to shake up the AFC East, especially after bolstering some other holes on the roster."

Cody Benjamin

The NY Jets will not be trading for Kyler Murray

At absolute surface level, what Benjamin is saying does make sense. Without context, the notion that a team with an unproven QB, loads of draft capital, and plenty of financial flexibility could look to trade for a young star quarterback is a reasonable assertion to make.

In a bubble, that notion does make sense. But there are a lot more factors at play here that indicate the Jets have no desire to search for a new quarterback at this time, no matter who's available.

Despite a disappointing rookie campaign, the Jets remain optimistic that Zach Wilson could fulfill his potential in New York. That's not just talk either — their actions have made that abundantly clear.

While the NFL landscape has been shaken up with quarterback speculation running rampant, the Jets have remained silent. They weren't in the QB market when Russell Wilson was made available, nor when Deshaun Watson or any other quarterbacks were on the move.

They aren't interested. For as great as Murray is, that's not going to change for him.

The Jets have structured their roster and cap situation around Wilson and his rookie contract. The plan is to continue building around their young quarterback at a bare minimum in 2022. It would take a pretty disastrous season for the Jets to consider moving on after this season, let alone after just one year.

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By all accounts, the Jets just aren't interested. This speculation is just noise — it's not a realistic possibility. The Jets aren't going to trade for Kyler Murray, you can bank on that.