NY Jets not expected to trade WR Elijah Moore despite rumors

NY Jets, Elijah Moore
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NY Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore has been the subject of some trade rumors this offseason, perhaps at least partially due to his trade request last season.

Many have pegged Moore as a player who could be included in an Aaron Rodgers trade, and the Cleveland Browns have reportedly made him a target this offseason. Despite this, it seems unlikely that he's traded.

CBS Sports' Josina Anderson responded to a tweet asking if Moore would be traded with a simple "no" on Tuesday. Anderson went on to say that the Jets do not want to trade Moore.

In fact, Anderson pointed out that multiple free agents have expressed a desire for Moore to be on the Jets' roster in 2023. There's no reason why the Jets would consider trading him.

"Not the team’s desires, per my understanding. Moreover there are some free agents who’ve expressly told me they’d like [Elijah Moore] to be on the team. That’s a good thing for him to know."

Josina Anderson

The NY Jets should not entertain trading Elijah Moore

It's hard to see why the Jets would be interested in trading Moore. His trade request last year came as a result of a lack of targets and poor quarterback play.

Moore wasn't happy that he wasn't a larger part of the Jets' offense, and, perhaps more importantly, he was frustrated with the team's (read: Zach Wilson's) quarterback performances. Both of those problems should be fixed in 2023.

Moore is slated to be the Jets' No. 2 wide receiver behind Garrett Wilson, and, provided an Aaron Rodgers trade becomes official, there's no doubt that the Jets will receive better quarterback play.

It should also be noted that Moore's issues with the Jets seemed to become a thing of the past by the end of last season. The former second-round pick regained his role in the offense and saw an uptick in production with Mike White under center.

Unless the Jets receive a ridiculous trade offer for Moore, likely something along the lines of a first-round pick, there's no legitimate reason for them to seriously entertain trading him.

Teams don't just trade away talented 23-year-old wide receivers on their rookie contracts. Moore is going to be an important part of the Jets' offense in 2023.

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Despite rumors and fantasy trade proposals floating around, don't expect the Jets to trade Elijah Moore this offseason.