3 trade packages the NY Jets can offer for WR DK Metcalf

NY Jets, DK Metcalf
NY Jets, DK Metcalf / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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NY Jets, DK Metcalf
NY Jets, DK Metcalf / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

3. The NY Jets trade a package of picks and Denzel Mims for DK Metcalf

This is the most creative proposal on our list, and one that actually includes multiple players. Although the inclusion of Denzel Mims is little more than a throw-in at this stage.

The real value here comes with the package of three picks the Jets send Seattle's way. The Jets send one of their second-round picks, their third-round pick, and one of two fourth-round picks to the Seahawks along with the underperforming Mims.

This would be my personal favorite deal for the Jets, even though it comes at a slightly higher price than the second proposal, at least according to the Jimmy Johnson chart.

The three picks combined are actually slightly more valuable than the 20th overall pick. As for Mims, we could assume his value is (at most) around a sixth or seventh-round pick.

His addition is partially a throw-in, but it's also a move I could see Seattle wanting to make. Mims has similar physical tools to Metcalf and is in desperate need of a change of scenery. Perhaps the Seahawks feel they could fix him.

As for the Jets, acquiring Metcalf while giving up just one of their top-40 picks would be an absolute steal. Perhaps it would take more than this to get a deal done, but it's hard to gauge Metcalf's market value without knowing how much competition there will be, and how much leverage Seattle will have.

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Ultimately, if DK Metcalf becomes available, the Jets need to do whatever they can to land him in New York. This is a situation that bears monitoring over the coming weeks.