3 trade packages the NY Jets can offer for WR DK Metcalf

NY Jets, DK Metcalf
NY Jets, DK Metcalf / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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NY Jets, DK Metcalf
NY Jets, DK Metcalf / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

2. NY Jets trade the 10th overall pick for DK Metcalf and a second-round pick

Two early second-round picks seem like fair value for a player like Metcalf, but what if the Seahawks are dead-set on acquiring one of the Jets' two first-round picks?

The Jets don't want to overpay, but this is also an opportunity they can't let slip away. They need to be flexible when it comes to negotiations, and if that includes parting ways with their second first-rounder, then so be it.

There is a middle ground here, however. The Jets aren't just going to give away their 10th overall pick without receiving fair value in return.

Fortunately, the Seahawks also happen to have two early second-round picks of their own, and they may be willing to part ways with one of them to secure that first-round pick.

In this scenario, the Jets send the Seahawks the 10th overall pick in return for Metcalf and the 40th overall pick, the earliest of two Seattle second-rounders (they pick again at 41).

What's fun about this trade proposal is that the Seahawks would essentially be trading back for the pick they originally sent the Jets as part of the Jamal Adams trade.

But if the Seahawks want to select a player at 9 and 10 (perhaps a quarterback and a player to help said quarterback), making this trade does make sense, even if it's actually less value according to Johnson's trade chart.

This would be the equivalent of roughly the 21st overall pick in the draft, per the standard trade chart. The Jets would actually be gaining value here when compared to the first trade.

You also have to consider the strength of this class is in its depth. The drop-off from 10 to 40 isn't nearly as significant as it typically is. That makes this trade even more plausible for the Jets.

This is another win-win deal. The Seahawks pick up the first-rounder they were looking for while the Jets secure Metcalf all while maintaining the same amount of top-40 picks as they already had.