3 trade packages the NY Jets can offer for WR DK Metcalf

NY Jets, DK Metcalf
NY Jets, DK Metcalf / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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NY Jets, DK Metcalf
NY Jets, DK Metcalf / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

1. NY Jets trade both second-round picks for DK Metcalf

This is the most straightforward trade proposal on this list, and arguably the most valuable one too. The Jets were prepared to offer at least the 35th, 38th, and 69th picks for Tyreek Hill.

For as great as Metcalf is, I'd anticipate his value being slightly less than Hill. He's younger, sure, but he just isn't the same caliber of player.

Using the Jets' reported trade proposal for Hill, we can imagine that a similar deal could be offered for Metcalf. Only in this case, we remove the third-round pick and just leave the two seconds.

Using the standard Jimmy Johnson trade value chart, this would equate to roughly the 15th overall pick in the draft. For a 24-year-old rising star receiver who's never had fewer than 900 yards in a season, that's probably worth it.

It's hard to imagine too many teams would be willing to give up more as well. Teams either won't have the draft capital or they won't have the desire. The Jets have both.

The Jets would land a borderline No. 1 wide receiver who still hasn't come close to reaching his ceiling all while not having to give up either of their first-round picks.

The Seahawks would recoup draft picks for a player they presumably didn't plan to re-sign while gaining affordable assets as the rebuild begins. A win-win exchange.