NY Jets: 5 tight ends to target at the trade deadline

NY Jets, O.J. Howard
NY Jets, O.J. Howard / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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The NY Jets are just a few days away from the 2021 trade deadline, at the time of writing. And to this point, they haven't exactly been very active.

Most expected that the Jets would be de facto sellers at the deadline with players such as Jamison Crowder, Marcus Maye, and perhaps others up for grabs on the trade market.

And while that still could be the case, it hasn't happened yet. In fact, the Jets have taken a slightly different approach.

Their only move this trade season has been to acquire veteran quarterback Joe Flacco from the Philadelphia Eagles for a conditional sixth-round pick.

That proves that the Jets might not only be looking to trade away players but that they're also scouring the market for potential additions.

At 1-5, the Jets aren't going to be making any sort of postseason push. But that doesn't mean they can't make a trade now to help them out both in the short and long-term.

One position they could look to upgrade at is tight end, probably the weakest position group on the roster. The Jets will likely address the position further in the offseason, but that shouldn't prevent them from making a move at the deadline.

Let's take a look at five tight ends the Jets could trade for at this year's deadline.