NY Jets: 5 positions to target at the 2021 trade deadline

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NY Jets
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3. NY Jets trade target: Linebacker

The Jets are razor-thin at the linebacker position, and their lack of depth is going to be put to the test with C.J. Mosley likely out for Week 7.

At the moment, the only health linebackers on the active roster are Quincy Williams, Jamien Sherwood, Blake Cashman, and Del'Shawn Phillips.

Sixth-round rookie Hamsah Nasirildeen should be returning from the injured reserve in the near future, but the Jets could still look to acquire a linebacker at the deadline.

Preferably a young player who might be with the organization past this year.

It's important to remember the type of player the Jets are looking for matters too. Head coach Robert Saleh and defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich have a type when it comes to linebackers.

They're looking for rangy, athletic players who can cover a ton of ground and almost serve as hybrid safety/linebackers. There's a reason both Sherwood and Nasirildeen, two college safeties, were drafted this past May.

Now, it's hard to say what linebackers that fit the bill might actually be available. Bleacher Report's Brent Sobleski recently suggested Los Angeles Chargers linebacker Kenneth Murray as a possible trade candidate, but it's hard to see the Chargers giving up on their 2020 first-round pick so soon.

There might be other options, though. And if the Jets spot a player they like, they might be willing to part with a Day 3 pick to get a deal done.