NY Jets: 5 positions to target at the 2021 trade deadline

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4. NY Jets trade target: Quarterback

Better late than never, right? The Jets opted against bringing in a veteran backup quarterback in the offseason, much to the dismay of many. And seeing how much the team's young offense has struggled through five games, those criticisms may have some validity.

Zach Wilson has experienced his fair share of ups and downs to this point, with more downs than ups. Young offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur has also struggled to maximize the talent at his disposal.

Bringing in a veteran quarterback could help alleviate both issues.

At the moment, the Jets have Mike White as their backup QB on the active roster, a former fifth-round pick who has never played in an NFL game.

Journeyman Josh Johnson is down on the practice squad, but his impact is limited on gamedays and he has started just three NFL games in the past decade.

The Jets could still use another veteran in their quarterback room, and the trade deadline offers perhaps their final opportunity to do so.

Nick Foles is still out there riding the bench in Chicago and could make sense for the Jets. Nick Mullens is biding his time on the Cleveland Browns' practice squad. Even someone like Gardner Minshew, who has starting experience, could be a worthwhile addition.

This one is probably unlikely given the Jets' reluctance to add a veteran before the season started. But it is something that should be considered.