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NY Jets Position Group No. 5 - Quarterbacks

The Jets drafted Zach Wilson to be the savior of the franchise, and it seems that there are few people who doubt his ability within the organization. So much so that the team is lacking a true backup quarterback.

James Morgan and Mike White had their opportunities to show their ability during the Wilson contract debacle, and they didn't exactly excite many fans.

Morgan has shown some promise to potentially be a strong number two behind Wilson, but there would be few who object to making a move for a veteran to have Wilson's back.

As for Wilson himself, he has had his struggles this summer. That being said, he's also flashed plenty of times and has never looked like he doesn't belong..

We're only two weeks into training camp, so there's no reason to jump to conclusions about the quarterback position.

That being said, Wilson does seem to have that "it" factor that Jets fans have been missing for so long. Wilson has plenty of promise as a starter and the future of the franchise. There's no reason to doubt him at quarterback.

However, having some backup never hurt anybody. Having a strong support man like Nick Foles or Blake Bortles could bump the quarterback group up a few spots.

There's little more to say. Zach Wilson will hopefully be the future of the Jets. A little insurance for good measure could go a long way.