NY Jets roster: Ranking every position group on the team

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We are nearing the start of the NY Jets season. Entering the second week of training camp, the league is getting closer to their first preseason game. Week 1 will be here before we know it, pitting the Jets against the Carolina Panthers.

By then, roster cut-downs will be complete, and we will see which players make the 53-man squad, and which will be left working towards a chance elsewhere. While certain players will be competing against each other, fans can get a roundabout idea of what each position group will look like.

The Jets have a young roster, meaning that they will have time to improve. Even over the course of a single season, a team can mesh, leading to much better performance on the field. For now, we'll be ranking every position spot from worst to best as they stand right now.

Of course this can change, as players step up or break out. As it stands, here is every position group on the current NY Jets roster ranked.

NY Jets Position Group No. 10 - Special Teams

The Jets didn't have much offense to speak of in 2020, so these stats may be a little skewed. What isn't skewed is the fact that the Jets have yet to find their franchise kicker, who they have been searching for since Nick Folk left New York.

Last year's kicker, Sam Ficken, was recently released by the team following poor performances from last season, as well as a rough start to training camp. It seems that the Jets will continue their searching for an answer for field goals and extra points.

As for punting, Braden Mann was as good as advertised last season. Sadly, the rest of the unit often couldn't have the same said for them.

Until the kicker question can be confidently answered, this currently remains as the weakest section of the Jets roster. Special teams can make or break a team, despite the fact that some will often overlook their importance.

Ask the 2010 Chargers how special teams could decide the outcome of a season.