NY Jets rookie WR receives stamp of approval from Eminem

Jerome Kapp earned Eminem's approval after his "Hard Knocks" performance

NY Jets, Eminem
NY Jets, Eminem / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

NY Jets rookie wide receiver Jerome Kapp stole the show with his rendition of Eminem's famous freestyle from the hit movie 8 Mile in this week's episode of "Hard Knocks."

Kapp's performance was the viral moment of this season of the HBO show, receiving attention from all sorts of outlets. As it turns out, Eminem himself was alerted of Kapp's rendition.

The rap legend tweeted out a video of Kapp performing his freestyle, accompanied by a saluting emoji. Eminem gave Kapp the stamp of approval for his performance.

This year's season of "Hard Knocks" has been a relatively uneventful one, with the Jets limited HBO's creative control. This moment right here, however, was quintessential "Hard Knocks." It was a viral moment that allowed a relatively unknown player on the Jets' roster to shine.

NY Jets rookie Jerome Kapp has made waves on and off the field this summer

Kapp was one of just two undrafted rookies signed to a contract following the Jets' rookie minicamp this past spring. Of the over 40 players in attendance for the event, Kapp is the only one still under contract with the team.

The Kutztown product is a former Division-II standout who converted to wide receiver in college after primarily playing defensive back in high school. Despite his roster-longshot status, Kapp has made some plays this offseason.

Kapp was one of the standouts from Jets OTAs, and while he hasn't fully carried over that momentum into the summer, he's still popped up in practice on occasion.

Of course, as Kapp mentions during his performance, he was given a whopping $0 in guaranteed money — one of only two undrafted players on the roster with that distinction. He's as big of a longshot to make the team as you are going to find.

That doesn't mean Kapp still can't earn a spot on the practice squad, though. And it's not every day any NFL player, for that matter, receives a social media shoutout from a rap legend like Eminem.

Jerome Kapp has already made his mark on the Jets' 2023 season. His performance will go down as one of the greatest moments in recent "Hard Knocks" memory. That's quite the legacy to leave behind.