NY Jets: Is Robert Saleh repeating the same mistakes Todd Bowles made?

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NY Jets, Robert Saleh
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Todd Bowles never gained full ownership of 'his' defense while with the NY Jets

Being a head coach changes the equation for most coaches. They need to have an overview of the entire team. And can't succeed as a leader if all they do is tend to one area of the team.

Although, you could argue that Todd Bowles never got the proper support from a talent standpoint while with Gang Green, he found out the hard way how challenging being a head coach of an entire team can be.

Although the media constantly reported that Bowles would have input in his defense with the Jets and that he would take the reins over, the truth is that Bowles, as head coach, delegated his responsibilities to loyal soldier Kacy Rodgers.

The Jets in 2015 got the band back together with the likes of all-time great Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, and there was some success early on, but it was fleeting. 

Rodgers is one of the best position coaches in the entire league, and he is doing an excellent job in Tampa under Bowles. But Bowles' relationship and previous experience with Rodgers is why he never wholly took the reins from him when he probably should have.

Flash forward to the present-day Jets. And the same problem is presenting itself. Robert Saleh hired a close confidante and someone who runs a similar system in current Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich.

And the results thus far have been pathetic.