The biggest long-term concern from the NY Jets' five-game losing streak

Robert Saleh, NY Jets
Robert Saleh, NY Jets / Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages

In a year where there were positive steps forward for the NY Jets, the way that the 2022 season has come to a close has created a cast of doubt heading into the offseason.

While there is still one game left to play, the Jets losing out on any playoff chances whilst getting clarity on the quarterback position for 2023 has provided finality to the season already.

The obvious flaw for this team all season has been quarterback play and it is the most important decision that the organization has to make in the offseason.

There will also be key decisions made on bringing back veterans such as Corey Davis and Carl Lawson amongst others in a bid to improve areas of the team that have been weaknesses all year such as offensive line, linebacker, and safety.

The biggest long-term worry, however, from the five-game losing streak the Jets find themselves in is a lack of competitiveness, preparation, and motivation.

The NY Jets seemed unmotivated and unprepared over their last five games

One of the most impressive things about this Jets team at the start of this season, aside from actually winning games, was having the feeling that they could compete with any team.

In these five losses to bring the Jets out of playoff contention, their opponents have outscored them 64-22 in the first half of games.

Against Minnesota and Detroit, the team was able to muster up comeback attempts but the same theme of coming out flat and unorganized week after week was something that Jets fans were hoping not to see again after so many years of it.

The aforementioned quarterback play, injuries, and a somewhat anticipated regression from the defense are all factors here, but the coaching staff needs to be held accountable when there is this much of a sample size for being unprepared to open games, especially when a shot at the playoffs are on the line.

Robert Saleh came out of Sunday's loss against Seattle taking the blame. While he shouldn't be on the hot seat in any regard, there needs to be a serious evaluation of the coaching staff and the way that game plans have been handled during meaningful football games in December that the team finally was able to take part in.

With better health and improvements on the roster heading into next season, the Jets are still in a good position to continue their ascent.

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The way that Saleh and his staff's second year has come to an end puts them in a tougher position than initially expected for what will be a "prove-it" season for them as well as for general manager Joe Douglas.