NY Jets made the right call not allowing Aaron Rodgers to play again in 2023

Aaron Rodgers all but rules out a return to the field in 2023
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

2023 was a year that was full of a lot of promise for the NY Jets and Aaron Rodgers. When the Jets acquired Rodgers this past offseason, the vibes amongst fans and players were at an all-time high. The Jets looked like a team that was destined to break their 12-year playoff drought.

Then, four plays into the new season, it all came crashing down. The season opened against the Buffalo Bills on September 11th and started with a moment that will live in infamy. Rodgers ran out of the tunnel, hoisting the American flag, and Jets fans were ready to go.

Four plays into his Jets career, Rodgers tore his Achilles. Despite hopes for him to come back this season, it's the right call for Aaron Rodgers not to play again in 2023.

NY Jets are right to hold Aaron Rodgers out in 2023

Nobody can question Rodgers' loyalty and will to return. He wanted more than anything to help this team succeed. Unfortunately, the situation just isn't right for Rodgers to come back this season.

Rodgers has since returned to practice, but the news that he is still three to four weeks away from being 100 percent is all but indicative of his season officially being over. While 2023 will go down as a letdown for many Jets fans, Rodgers not playing again this season is far from a bad thing.

The Jets' offensive line is in shambles. This could very well be the worst offensive line from top-to-bottom that this organization has ever fielded. If Rodgers were to get back out there this season, he would risk re-injury behind this offensive line.

Also, the Jets' wide receiver group is paper thin right now. Aside from Garrett Wilson, the Jets need to get better weapons for next season to surround Rodgers. Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb aren't going to do the job as key pieces in 2024.

Add in Nathaniel Hackett's lackluster play-calling, and this team is, simply put, a recipe for disaster. One positive that came out of this season is the Jets know what they need to fix for Rodgers to come back better than ever next year, and 2024 looks just as promising.

Unfortunately, 2023 did not go according to plan for the Jets or Rodgers. However, everything happens for a reason. With 2023 all but coming to an end and Aaron Rodgers not seeing the field again, all focus shifts to 2024.

With a revamped team and a healthy Rodgers, the Jets could be a force to be reckoned with as they finally look to end their playoff drought.