NY Jets: Rex Ryan's comments are hypocritical but not wrong

NY Jets, Rex Ryan
NY Jets, Rex Ryan / Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

Former NY Jets head coach and current NFL analyst Rex Ryan didn't mince words when it came to the Jets' pitiful performance in Week 7.

He's not exactly known to.

Whereas Jets owner Woody Johnson recently voiced his support for the current team leadership, Rex Ryan opened his mouth on ESPN's Get Up episode on Monday and...a slew of negative and unsympathetic words came out.

Consider him not impressed.

Ryan wasted no time tearing into his former team — he had a virtual machine gun in his hand, and he was firing at everything green.

The coaches were "horrendous." The team had "no passion." The starting quarterback looked "100 percent lost."

In his minute-long rant about a team that spurned him, Ryan's comments about the Jets having a particularly poor performance after their bye week hold the most truth. After a week of rest, New York allowed a sub-.500 New England team to stomp all over them. Hard.

One of Ryan's few redeeming qualities is that he coached the Jets to the AFC Championship Game in back-to-back seasons, recording a 0.688 regular season. The Jets haven’t been back to the playoffs since, and that fact seems to give Ryan an especially bloated ego when discussing his former team.

With veins bulging out of his neck, Ryan loudly points out that the Jets lost by 41 points, tied for the worst in the history of the NFL since the Super Bowl era.

Former NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan sinks his fangs and rips into Jets franchise after Week 7 humiliation

But is Ryan perhaps forgetting a very similar Jets game against the Patriots when he coached them to a 45-3 loss in December of 2010?

Both performances were equally atrocious; both games' balls should be buried next to each other in the growing cemetery of Jets-games-that-shall-not-be-talked-about.

The biggest issue we have with Ryan's attention-grabbing tirade is not how loud he is. Rather, it's how...wishy-washy he can be with his opinions.

"You saw a team that knows what the hell they’re doing, the coaching staff with a rookie quarterback, the New England Patriots. [Mac Jones] looks like a seasoned pro. You look at the other side, you’ve got a horrendous coaching staff with a quarterback [Zach Wilson] that looks 100% lost."

Rex Ryan

Ryan calls Jones a "seasoned pro" now, but two weeks ago he said the Pats QB had a "pea-shooter" of an arm.

Maybe next week Ryan will go on air saying Wilson looks "100 percent found." Doesn't make much sense, but neither does he.

The infamous Rex-ism, "Play like a Jet," fizzled out over a couple of seasons, and once the Jets figured out Ryan was just spewing hot air, they fired him in 2014. To this day, Ryan seems determined to be the literal embodiment of salt as he continues talking the Jets down.

Out of all the outlandish things Ryan has said in the past, this mean-spirited rant ranks fairly low on the controversy spectrum. Remember when Ryan guaranteed the Jets would win the Super Bowl ahead of the 2011 season? And people wonder why the Jets fanbase has trust issues.

To be clear, the Jets floundered spectacularly against New England and their performance should be considered a total embarrassment for coach Robert Saleh's team.

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They failed to score in the first quarter for the sixth consecutive week. They averaged 2.7 yards per carry. They couldn't defend against a single screen pass.

It's just that no one wants to hear it from Ryan.