NY Jets: Re-drafting the team's 2015 NFL Draft class

NY Jets, Leonard Williams
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NY Jets, Taylor Heinicke
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Round 5, Pick 152: Jesse James, TE, NY Jets

Original Pick: Jarvis Harrison, OL

As we start to get towards the bottom of the list, the chance lessons for star players to not have already been drafted. Jesse James was the first tight end on the depth chart for a small while in Pittsburgh, though was never a game-breaker like Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz.

James likely would have ended up as the starting tight end for a short while on the Jets, as none of their tight ends at the time even topped 100 yards receiving in 2015.

While not exactly a flashy pick that turned into an All-Pro down the line, Jesse James certainly would have been a better option than what the Jets had.

Currently, James is a free agent after the Detroit Lions showed him the door following the success of first-round tight end T.J. Hockenson. The Jets could sign him to play as a second option to Chris Herndon — although it seems they're content with their current group.

As for Jarvis Harrison. he never made an impact in the NFL. He was eventually signed to the practice squad, but didn't last very long there. Safe to say the Jets would have preferred a reliable starter, rather than a practice squad lineman.

Round 7, Pick 223: Taylor Heinicke, QB, NY Jets

Original Pick: Deon Simon, DT

Reaching the end of the draft, the Jets picking Taylor Heinicke would have fit the situation at the time perfectly. Heinicke showed that he might have some potential starting in the NFL after going toe-to-toe with Tom Brady in the 2020 NFC Wild Card Round.

At the time, the Jets were rolling with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith as their quarterbacks.

They already showed that they were interested in a project quarterback by drafting Bryce Petty a few rounds earlier. Heinicke would have replaced Petty on the roster with likely a higher upside.

The original selection of Deon Simon was, again, nothing flashy for a late-rounder. He lasted on the roster for two years, but was most recently cut by the former XFL team of the Dallas Renegades. Not exactly a player who left a lasting impact on the organization.

Heinicke would have been in an interesting position with the Jets, and likely could serve as a reliable backup at quarterback for a few years.

Re-drafting for the Jets is interesting, considering it's all done in hindsight. Of course, not only did the Jets fail to pick up on the fact that some of these players would be incredible stars, but many teams in the league as well.

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Still, if Joe Douglas can draft on a similar level to this draft, it's likely the team is in good hands.