NY Jets ranked as one of the most valuable NFL franchises

NY Jets
NY Jets / Michael Adamucci/Getty Images

When it comes to which franchises in the NFL are most valuable, the NY Jets have historically always been up there with other well-established teams. 2021 continues that momentum for the Jets as Forbes recently released their NFL’s most valuable teams list heading into the upcoming season.

In an article written by Mike Ozanian and Christina Settimi of Forbes, the Jets landed at No. 8 on the popular list. They might not be the Dallas Cowboys or New England Patriots but the Jets are still playing in the city that never sleeps. Playing in New York is not an easy thing but that undoubtedly helps keeps the Jets in being popular and recognized across the globe.

Combine the profits the Jets make off of merchandise and hopefully, a filled-up MetLife Stadium with passionate fans, it's easy to see the franchise continues to rank high in this yearly Forbes List. Of course, it could also help profits soar whenever the Jets try to draft a potential future franchise quarterback. Playing carousel with the most important position on the team always gets fans excited which results in jersey sales, hats, t-shirts, and everything else in between.

NY Jets land at No. 8 on Forbes list of most valuable NFL franchises

Hopefully, continuously being a profitable franchise in the NFL, will only grow even more if everything falls into place with the Jets. With a new quarterback in town, new faces via free agency, and a good NFL Draft class on paper, it's all a recipe for major success over these next few years.

The Jets haven't been to the NFL Playoffs since 2010 and fans are hungry to taste the postseason again. Considering it's also been over 50 years since the Jets even made a Super Bowl appearance, it's clear that fans will always support this franchise no matter what through thick and thin. It's not easy being a Jets fan but if it's anything to know, we love to represent them proudly every chance we get.

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Overall, it's a nice sight to see that the Jets are profitable and continue to at least be a top-10 franchise in that regard. Now it's time to gain even higher ranks if they can put together a competitive team that has consistent results year in, year out.