NY Jets DT Quinnen Williams takes a shot at his team in deleted tweet

NY Jets, Quinnen Williams
NY Jets, Quinnen Williams / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

NY Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams was among the many who bore witness to the downright ugly performance from the San Francisco 49ers' offense in Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

The 49ers were plagued by injuries almost from the start of the game as starting quarterback Brock Purdy exited with an elbow injury in the first half. He would soon be replaced by former Jets QB Josh Johnson, and it seemed unlikely that Purdy would return.

That was until Johnson suffered a concussion in the third quarter, forcing Purdy back into action. Unfortunately, Purdy was unable to throw the ball more than a few yards down the field, and what ensued was an ugly, honestly sad performance from San Francisco's offense.

Williams was watching that game, and he seemingly had some flashbacks to some games he played with the Jets this season. He tweeted that he knew exactly what 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa was going through, clearly indicating that he knows what it feels like to be let down by terrible quarterback play.

Only in the case of Bosa, his team was down to their fourth-string quarterback due to injury. The Jets played four quarterbacks this season as well, but it was largely performance-based, save for short-term injuries to Zach Wilson and Mike White.

Below is a screen cap of Williams' deleted tweet.

Quinnen Williams clearly wants the NY Jets to get better quarterback play

Williams is right — he knows firsthand just how dreadful it is for a defense to be let down by horrific quarterback play. It happened to him all season, and honestly, it's happened to him for the vast majority of his career.

Of quarterbacks with at least 175 pass attempts, the Jets trio of Mike White, Zach Wilson, and Joe Flacco comprised of three of the bottom four quarterbacks in completion percentage this season.

In fact, Wilson has ranked dead-last in the NFL in completion percentage in each of the last two seasons. His disgusting 54.4 completion percentage in 2022 was the lowest of any QB with at least 175 pass attempts since rookie year Josh Allen in 2018.

Only three quarterbacks since 2014 (min. 175 pass attempts) have finished a season with a lower completion percentage than Wilson in 2022 — and Wilson's 2021 season came close to joining that list.

Williams has dealt with terrible quarterback play for most of his career, so even though this probably wasn't the wisest thing to tweet, he isn't wrong. Williams knows more than anyone what it's like to be hampered by a bad offense and a bad quarterback.

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It's safe to say that Quinnen Williams likely supports the Jets' decision to add a veteran quarterback this offseason. Let's get Q a QB. It's long overdue at this point.