NY Jets Quarterback Power Rankings: Where does Zach Wilson fall?

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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11. Derek Carr, QB, Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr is a generally underrated player who has survived a nightmare Las Vegas Raiders' off-field season to remain one of the NFL's passing leaders.

12. Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa fell under scrutiny after his team's poor start. However, the league's longest winning streak has him back as Miami's starter of the future. Picture a high-upside Chad Pennington with a chance to approach Drew Brees levels. His climb also gives Jets fans reason to hope about their QB.

13. Mac Jones, QB, New England Patriots

The Patriots rookie has steadied the ship in New England. Mac Jones is a player with a lower ceiling (for now) but a noticeably high floor. At worst, he'll be a starter for years to come. At best, he could take a massive leap.

14. Kirk Cousins, QB, Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins has become a difficult case study. At his best, he's a fringe MVP candidate. Yet often, it seems as though his team is "stuck" with him at QB. His impressive passing numbers secure him spot No. 14.

15. Carson Wentz, QB, Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz is a more extreme version of Kirk Cousins. At his best, he was a legitimate MVP frontrunner. At his worst, Philadelphia was moving on from him without a set plan B. The Colts QB has thrived with the league's best offensive line and running back.