NY Jets make puzzling QB decision with Zach Wilson for Friday's game

Why are the Jets doing this?
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The NY Jets made the correct and inevitable decision to bench quarterback Zach Wilson seemingly for good on Monday. It was a long time coming for a young QB, who not even 12 months ago, found himself benched for the likes of Mike White and Chris Streveler.

This time, Wilson has been sent to the bench in favor of career backup Tim Boyle — a man who threw one touchdown and 13 interceptions in his college career at Connecticut. The same man who later threw more interceptions than touchdowns at FCS-level Eastern Kentucky.

That's the player the Jets have determined gives them a better chance to win in Week 12 against the Miami Dolphins. And, quite frankly, they might be right.

Benching Wilson was an obvious, long-overdue move, but it's the other curious quarterback decision the team made this week that has many scratching their heads. In fact, it's downright ludicrous.

There's no reason for the NY Jets to have Zach Wilson active in Week 12

Jets head coach Robert Saleh told reporters on Monday that veteran Trevor Siemian would take over as the new backup quarterback in Week 2. Siemian is currently on the Jets' practice squad but will either be elevated or promoted to the active roster this Friday.

One could argue that Siemian should be starting over Boyle, given his much more "impressive" track record, but that's not even the most egregious quarterback decision the Jets are making here.

Saleh also said that all three of the Jets quarterbacks would be active this week. That includes starter Tim Boyle, backup Trevor Siemian, and, yes, third-stringer Zach Wilson. Why? No one knows.

There is zero tactical advantage to dressing three quarterbacks on game day, especially with the NFL's new emergency third QB rule. That rule allows teams to play their third quarterback if their other two QBs suffer injuries, even if that third quarterback is inactive.

It's why no team has dressed a third quarterback on game day this season, at least by my count. There's no reason to do so. What good does leaving Wilson active do for anyone? Are the Jets planning to use all three quarterbacks? What's the point?

Instead of using an active game-day roster spot on a special-teams contributor or someone who will actually, you know, play, the Jets are seemingly set on keeping Wilson active. It makes no sense.

The decision to bench Wilson was sound, even if it likely won't yield better results. You can argue Siemian over Boyle, but at the end of the day, neither is a particularly appealing option.

The Jets dressing all three quarterbacks in Week 12 has no logical explanation, however. Does any of this really matter? Not really, but that doesn't make it any less puzzling.

If the Jets truly go forward with their plan to have all three quarterbacks active in Week 12, some serious questions need to be asked about the team's personnel decisions.

***Edit: Robert Saleh clarified on Tuesday that Wilson will be inactive as the emergency third QB on Friday. He misspoke on Monday.