Why the NY Jets 'process' to trade up for Breece Hall was logical

NY Jets, Breece Hall
NY Jets, Breece Hall / Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports
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NY Jets, Breece Hall
NY Jets, Breece Hall / Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

What are critics suggesting the NY Jets should have done instead?

So let's talk about those common criticisms for a moment. What are those critics insisting the Jets should have done instead? It appears the most common suggestion is that the Jets shouldn't have targeted a running back.

Most seem to be insisting that the Jets should have addressed bigger needs at more important positions. After all, the consensus appears to be that they have a "bad roster" with numerous holes.

But to suggest such an idea is a little misleading. What specific holes do the Jets currently have? I'd argue that they're still fairly weak at linebacker, defensive tackle, and safety.

They could use depth elsewhere, but those are the three starting positions that are still relatively poor compared to the league average. Yet, in all the arguments I've seen, not one has suggested the Jets target one of those positions.

There's been no "draft Jalen Pitre or Jaquan Brisker." No one has mentioned Travis Jones or Phidarian Mathis. Not a single discussion about Brian Asamoah or Chad Muma either.

Instead, those suggesting the Jets shouldn't have drafted Hall seem to be a little misguided as to where the Jets' needs lie.

These tweets have rightfully and expectedly gotten their fair share of flack, but let's explain why these suggestions just don't make sense.