Keep Or Cut: A deep look at 7 NY Jets players who offer cap savings

NY Jets, Corey Davis
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6. Braxton Berrios, WR, NY Jets

  • Cap Savings: $5 million
  • Dead Cap: $3.2 million

I don't think anyone was expecting Braxton Berrios to be the second coming of Julian Edelman this season, but I also think people were expecting more than the season he had.

After looking like one of the league's most dynamic kick returners, Berrios was flat in the return game all year, and let far too many balls get downed inside the 10-yard line when he should've called a fair catch.

His one highlight this year as a receiver is a lowlight, as his drop against the Minnesota Vikings cost the team a vital win that could've changed the trajectory of the entire season. Berrios wasn't necessarily horrible all year, but he was never great, and really regressed in all of the areas that made him a popular resigning in the offseason.

$5 million is a nice amount of money that can be used to sign a quality player. We just discussed how the Jets could've gotten Morgan Moses back for $5 million, and there are players like him at that price point for a bunch of positions. With the lack of depth at wide receiver, perhaps they opt to use that $5 million to get another receiver as well.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Allen Lazard, Jakobi Meyers, Jarvis Landry, and even former Jet Jamison Crowder are all free agents who earned well under $5 million this year.

All five players would be significant upgrades at the receiver position, while someone like Zonovan Knight can step into Berrios's old role as a returner.

The Verdict

Cut him. There are just so many more enticing ways to spend $5 million than employ the fifth-best receiver on the team who isn't as effective as he once was on special teams.