Best/worst-case scenarios for all five NY Jets starting OL in 2022

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Mekhi Becton, NY Jets
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Mekhi Becton, RT, NY Jets

Best Case: If Mekhi Becton makes the haters "eat their words" as he stated in his press conference at minicamp, the Jets will be thrilled. Becton has become a lightning rod for the franchise since his floor and ceiling are so far apart.

His potential coming out of Louisville and his play in 2020 indicated that he could be a franchise left tackle for years to come. If Becton shows up in great shape for training camp and wins out the left tackle position that would show how dedicated he is toward maximizing his talent.

He can still be successful at right tackle, but it would be nice to see him take the challenge of earning the spot he was drafted to play from a formidable player like George Fant.

Whether he ends up on the left or right side, if Becton can remain on the field and display his dominant play (especially in the run game), it will be a big sigh of relief for the Jets front office and fanbase.

Worst Case: A full flame out for Becton is possible. Whether it be due to not being able to stay on the field from injury or subpar performance, it is a scenario that could derail the expectations for the offensive line this year and going forward.

Much has been made about Becton's weight over the past couple of seasons. Simply put, the weight and shape that he is in for training camp and the season is a reflection of his dedication to the craft. We will get an understanding of how much Becton wants to be great in that sense this season.

There were indications in training camp last season that Becton wasn't playing particularly well. This could have to do with the shape he was in as well as going against Carl Lawson who was having the camp of his life before going down to injury.

While his play within this season is much more important than anything that happens before, everyone will have a close eye on Becton heading into a pivotal season for the third-year pro.

If the Jets come out of this season unsure of Becton's long-term status on the team, it will likely be a hole they have to fix with a premium asset in free agency or in the early rounds of the draft.

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Let's not forget that Joe Douglas picked Becton in the first round of his first draft as GM of the franchise. There is a lot on the line in hopes that he isn't added to a long list of blunders in the Jets' draft history.