Best/worst-case scenarios for all five NY Jets starting OL in 2022

NY Jets, Connor McGovern
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From the moment general manager Joe Douglas took the NY Jets job, he had his focus set on revamping the offensive line.

In his three offseasons, Douglas has drafted two offensive linemen in the first round of the draft and shelled out nearly $100 million in free agency to create the offensive line Jets fans will see in the 2022 season.

Last year, according to PFF rankings, the Jets finished as the 11th best line in the league. However one might value those rankings exactly, it was an indication of the improvement from the previous season.

However, there was still volatility in regard to how the offensive line performed throughout the year consistently.

Zach Wilson was getting hit early and often in games, he was sacked the third-most in the NFL while only starting 13 games. While some of this can be on the quarterback's shoulders for holding onto the ball too long, there were still many times that the guys up front could've played a whole lot better.

The Jets added key pieces to every skill position on the team. The performance of the offensive line this season will be paramount to the success of this offense which ranked in the bottom third of the league for points scored and total yards per game.

A higher level of play for the offensive line can lead to what the Jets would seemingly like to do which is establish the run with their one-two punch of Breece Hal and Michael Carter.

In protecting Zach Wilson, it can also give the Jets a chance to fully evaluate the progress of their second-year quarterback without any excuses involved.

The consistency of the line should be elevated this year based on the assets allocated to the position group. Whether the offensive line can be closer to the ceiling or the floor of their potential will be one of the biggest factors in the offense creeping towards the top half of the league statistically.

Let's take a look at each individual projected starter on the offensive line and what realistic best and worst-case scenarios are for them.