NY Jets offensive grades for Week 2 loss to the Cowboys

The Jets offense was a mess in Week 2
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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Garrett Wilson, WR, NY Jets

Let's end this post on a high note. Garrett Wilson had a good game, and the Jets absolutely have to find ways to get him the football more moving forward.

After a slow start that found the Jets behind 10-0, Zach Wilson found Garrett Wilson on a crossing route that Wilson took to the endzone for a 68-yard score. It electrified the team, sparked hope in Wilson, and gave life to the defense.

Wilson would finish with eight targets but only two catches for 83 yards and the touchdown mentioned before. He did drop a pass that looked like could be another big play after the game was out of reach late. In fact, that type of play, a bubble screen with blockers in front, is exactly what the Jets need to do more of.

Two of Zach Wilson's interceptions were throws in the direction of Garrett Wilson. One was a really bad throw across his body that was easily intercepted, but the other was a deep throw that Zach stared down too long. Nonetheless, Garrett torched Trevon Diggs on the play, getting over five yards of separation before the safety jumped in front.

Another of the missed targets was also a beautiful route that left Diggs in the dust, but Wilson had his arm hit as he threw, or else it would have been a second touchdown for the pair. Another target was called for pass interference, also late in the game.

The point in saying all of this was although he only caught two passes, good things happen when Garrett Wilson gets the ball. His stat line easily could have been more like five catches for 120 yards and two scores, but it just did not pan out right.

Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett needs to do a better job of moving Wilson around the formations, creating favorable matchups and easy catches. He's an electrifying talent, one of the best in the NFL. However, Aaron Rodgers is no longer here to throw perfect back-shoulder fades, play in, and play out.

Wilson's eight targets were encouraging, as was his ability to get open today. He needs to do more of that if the Jets are going to make the playoffs.

Grade: B