NY Jets offensive grades for Week 2 loss to the Cowboys

The Jets offense was a mess in Week 2
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Well, that was ugly. Outside of an electric 68-yard touchdown from Zach Wilson to Garrett Wilson, the NY Jets offense was really bad.

The offensive line, particularly Duane Brown, struggled to create any sense of a pocket for Wilson to feel comfortable in and couldn't create any push in the run game.

Once the Jets fell behind 24-10 in the fourth quarter, it created the perfect storm. They had to throw, the Cowboys knew it, they dialed the pressure up off the edge from star Micah Parsons, and Wilson made bad decision after bad decision. It looked eerily similar to last year.

Nonetheless, it was not all terrible, and in particular, Zach Wilson looked pretty darn good in that first half. Below are some offensive grades from the Week 2 loss.

Zach Wilson, QB, NY Jets

The stats are worse than the game, but as all football fans know, the stats don't lie. Wilson finished 12-of-27 for 170 yards, one touchdown, and three terrible interceptions. He also ran five times for 36 yards to lead the Jets in rushing.

I will say this- the first half was promising for Wilson. I took my dog on a walk during halftime and was thinking to myself that it was an A performance for Wilson, all things considered.

At the break, he was 5-of-10 with the long touchdown to Wilson. Plus, he engineered an important two-minute drive to get the game within one score before the half.

That two-minute drive was about as good as it gets for Wilson and the Jets. He was 3-of-5 for 17 yards but importantly ran the ball effectively and decisively.

He picked up 34 yards on the ground, multiple first downs, and got the Jets into scoring range. Had it not been for a tipped pass at the line, it would have resulted in a huge touchdown.

I mean, that Dallas defense is legit. Parsons single-handedly wrecked the entire gameplan for the Jets, constantly creating pressure, forcing a turnover by himself, and forcing the Jets to play behind the sticks the entire second half.

Things took a turn for the worse for Wilson and the Jets once the Cowboys took a 24-10 lead near the end of the third quarter. Wilson felt the pressure, started taking chances, and made some poor decisions.

The first interception was a poor throw for Garrett Wilson, right into the arms of the Cowboys defensive back, who hardly had to move to pick it off.

The second was a jump ball that Wilson stared down and threw way too late, allowing the free safety to come across the entire field and easily pick it off. The final pick was a terrible check-down, thrown way out ahead of Michael Carter and easily intercepted.

For fans, it was all too reminiscent of Wilson's first two years. A promising start was derailed late by poor decision-making once the Jets fell behind. Wilson's confidence completely unraveled, and honestly, I'd be surprised if it didn't impact him next week.

Although it wasn't all bad, it certainly got ugly quickly. This loss wasn't on Wilson at all, but finishing the game with three drives and three interceptions leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

Plain and simple, I saw nothing to believe Wilson can be the quarterback of this team moving forward if they want to make the playoffs. He just isn't ready.

Grade: C-