NY Jets offensive grades for Week 1 win over the Bills

Grading the offensive performances of four key Jets in their Week 1 win over the Bills
NY Jets, Breece Hall
NY Jets, Breece Hall / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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4. Garrett Wilson, WR, NY Jets

The final grade of the week goes to superstar wide receiver Garrett Wilson. This is such a tough grading process for me, as so much of the success of a receiver is reliant upon the play of his quarterback.

Once Rodgers went down, it was obvious that the entire game plan went down with him. I have to believe that if Rodgers was playing, Wilson would have seen more than five targets, and the Jets would have thrown the ball more than 21 times.

That said, Wilson did produce on his opportunities, catching all five targets for 34 yards and the catch-of-the-year candidate touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

On that catch, Wilson outjumped star Bills defender Tre’Davious White, tipped the ball to himself, juggled it as he hit the ground, and then secured the catch on his back for the game-tying score with just under five minutes to play.

Before that, though, it looked eerily similar to last season, where Wilson struggled at times and never seemed to find a groove while playing with Zach Wilson. At points, Garrett Wilson was frustrated, screaming on the field and gesturing that he wanted the ball more.

When he does get the ball thrown his way, though, he is truly an electrifying talent. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets game plan next week involves a lot of touches for Wilson outside and quick, things like stops, slants, quick screens, and fades.

Wilson also needs to exert himself more, though. Someone who is considered a top-15 wide receiver in this league cannot go quiet for extended periods, no matter who is playing quarterback. Especially when that player plays for the Jets, who will struggle to score points this year and move the ball consistently.

That said, the touchdown grab saved Wilson and the Jets' night, for that matter. I'm excited to see Garrett Wilson play all 17 games this year and prove why he is such a force at receiver.

Grade: B-