NY Jets offensive grades for preseason Week 3 win

How did the Jets' offense grade out in Saturday's game?
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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Aaron Rodgers, QB, NY Jets

It was Aaron Rodgers's first action with the Jets, and he did not disappoint. Rodgers finished 5-of-8 for 47 yards and a touchdown across his two drives, spanning just nine offensive plays.

Although it was only a handful of snaps, Rodgers flashed just about everything that fans wanted to see, and what made Rodgers such an important addition this offseason.

His touchdown throw to Garrett Wilson on his second drive was a beautifully thrown ball into tight coverage, leading Wilson right into the endzone. No Jets quarterback over the last decade is capable of making that throw.

Additionally, Rodgers seemed to have command of the offense, and the threat of a superstar quarterback changed the entire dynamic of the team. Most importantly, Rodgers escaped the preseason game without really being hit at all — the most important aspect of the game.

Fans have lots to look forward to with Rodgers as the regular season kicks off, especially if the connection with Garrett Wilson is as good as advertised Saturday night.

Grade: A

Garrett Wilson, WR, NY Jets

Holy cow. Many experts and executives around the league believe second-year star receiver Garrett Wilson is poised to leap into true NFL stardom this year with Rodgers at quarterback. If Saturday is any indication, they are all certainly correct.

Wilson, also in his first preseason action of the year, looked every bit the part of a top 10 NFL wideout, on par with the stars of the league. In just nine offensive plays, Wilson brought in three passes for 30 yards and the touchdown mentioned above.

All offseason fans have heard about the connection that Rodgers and Wilson have in practice and how Wilson has been dominating the targets during live practices and scrimmages. Saturday proved this all to be true. Of Rodgers's eight throws, three went in the direction of Wilson, all caught.

That Rodgers-to-Wilson connection is critical for the Jets to be successful this year, especially after the retirement of Corey Davis. Jets fans and coaches should be pleased with how it looks so far.

Grade: A+