NY Jets offensive grades for a disappointing Week 10 loss to the Raiders

How did the Jets offense grade out in Week 10?
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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Breece Hall, RB, NY Jets

It’s been tough sledding for Breece Hall the last few weeks. After exploding for 177 yards against Denver, he has failed to cross 50 yards rushing in the last four games despite a consistent workload of at least 12 carries per game. 

Against the Raiders' horrific rush defense, Hall only managed 28 yards on 13 carries, good for just 2.2 yards per carry and -14 rushing yards over expected, his worst number for the year. He did catch three passes for 47 yards to salvage a disappointing night on the ground. 

On the same night that Wilson made some plays in the run game and even Dalvin Cook found 26 yards on just four carries, Hall couldn’t get anything going at all.

His touchdown run was called back by a hold, as were a few other productive touches. I also understand that the makeshift line up front isn’t getting anything resembling a push anymore. But Hall needs to be the offensive leader for this team to score. He hasn’t been anything close to that this month.

For the Jets to be competitive down the stretch and reverse the slide they are currently on, Hall must find room to run early and often and allow Wilson to manage the game throughout. If he can’t get going, don’t expect too many Jets wins anytime soon.

Grade: C