NY Jets: What a potential Nick Foles trade might look like

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The NY Jets have been closely tied to rumors surrounding Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles this offseason. And as of this past week, we now have confirmation that the teams have at least discussed a potential trade.

Brian Costello of the NY Post reported on Tuesday that "the Jets and Bears have had discussions," but that a trade seemed unlikely. While that may be the case, what might a trade look like if it were to happen?

The folks over at our sister site, Bear Goggles On, discussed this very topic and laid out a few different scenarios. All of which involve the Jets giving up very little — as is to be expected.

Foles' contract and resulting cap hit make him more of a liability to the Bears than an asset, especially with the presence of Andy Dalton and first-round pick Justin Fields.

With that in mind, what might the Jets need to give up for Foles?

The NY Jets wouldn't have to give up much for Nick Foles.

Here are three scenarios that Rob Schwarz Jr. of Bear Goggles On presented:

  • Bears send Nick Foles; receive a 2022 sixth-round pick from the NY Jets
  • Bears send Nick Foles and a 2023 seventh-round pick; receive a 2022 sixth-round pick from the NY Jets
  • Bears send Nick Foles and a 2023 fifth-round pick; receive a 2022 sixth-round pick and Lamar Jackson (CB) from the NY Jets

Again, we're talking pretty small deals here. The Jets likely won't surrender anything more than a sixth-round pick for Foles. And in the one scenario above that they did, they received a future fifth-round pick in return.

The simplest deal would be for the Bears to send Foles to the Jets in exchange for one of New York's three sixth-round picks in 2022. But perhaps general manager Joe Douglas plays hard ball and asks for a future pick in return as well.

After all, Foles has virtually no value to his team right now. Any trade, however, will require the Jets taking on Foles' salary which is far from a guarantee.

If Foles were to be traded, the Jets would be on the hook for $4 million in 2021 and a whopping $8 million in 2022 with essentially no opportunity for an out. That's a lot of money to be paying a player who you hope never sees the field.

Perhaps the Jets could get the Bears to eat a little more of Foles' salary. It's a tricky situation that both teams seem to be balancing.

Will a middle ground be reached? Possibly, but it's not something fans should count on.

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