NY Jets: 4 best-kept secrets on the team's current roster

NY Jets, Folorunso Fatukasi
NY Jets, Folorunso Fatukasi / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
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NY Jets, Folorunso Fatukasi
NY Jets, Folorunso Fatukasi / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

1. Folorunso Fatukasi, DT, NY Jets

This entry is twofold. Not only does Folorunso Fatukasi play one of the least glamorous positions in football, but he's done so as part of a Jets team that hasn't sniffed nationwide attention (at least in a positive fashion) for close to a decade.

He's a nose tackle for the NY Jets. It's almost a given that Fatukasi is going to fly under the radar. But that doesn't make him any less effective at his job.

Fatukasi emerged as a key member of the Jets defensive line rotation in 2019 when he finished as PFF's 10th-best interior defensive lineman with an elite grade of 81.6.

He returned in 2020 and put together a similar season ranking as PFF's 14th-best interior defender and their No. 2 overall run stopper with a run-defense grade of 86.2.

Fatukasi is one of the best run-stuffing nose tackles in the NFL, but that just isn't a role that's going to garner headlines.

The Queens native is never going to put up the flashy numbers. He isn't going to make the splash plays that end up on highlight reels.

But make no mistake, Fatukasi has been an integral part of a Jets defense that has been among the NFL's best against the run over the last two years.

With his contract set to expire this offseason, perhaps Fatukasi finally gets his due with a well-deserved extension.

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Maybe then he'll begin to receive at least a little bit of national attention.