Two ways the NY Jets can mimic the Miami Dolphins rebuild

NY Jets, Tyreek Hill
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1. Targeting a superstar WR to help with QB development

Miami's leap into the top tier of the NFL started the moment they added Tyreek Hill in the offseason. Over the first half of the season, Hill has completely transformed the Dolphins' offense.

Tagovailoa looks like a legitimate franchise quarterback. Hill is the league-leading wide receiver and is on pace to set the all-time record for receiving yards in a single campaign. Meanwhile, Waddle has thrived as one of the best No. 2 options in the NFL.

It was a few seasons ago, but the rival Buffalo Bills also transformed their offense and set up Josh Allen for stardom when they made a similar move for Stefon Diggs.

You likely remember that the Jets made a real play for Hill last offseason. While their efforts came up just short, hopefully, this is an encouraging sign that New York's front office is already considering this step.

Stars like D.J. Moore and Brandin Cooks were rumored to be available at the trade deadline. While these would be solid options, I'd bet that a superstar receiver will enter the trade block sooner rather than later. When this happens, the Jets should have a package prepared to land him.

Why should the franchise be aggressive in pursuing a wide receiver over other roster needs? The answer begins with quarterback Zach Wilson.

While Hill's amazing play in Miami transformed the entire offense, I argue that his biggest value came in how he clarified the club's quarterback evaluations.

Early in his career, Tagovailoa was a mixed bag of results. Despite his top pedigree, the Alabama superstar entered the 2022 NFL season with major questions about his status as a franchise building block.

Fast forward a few months and the narrative has completely changed. Hill's top-tier playmaking has aided Tua's development substantially. The fringe prospect is now firmly entrenched as the long-term starter as he makes a push for league MVP honors.

Imagine if the addition of a star playmaker added this same level of clarity to Wilson's situation. Best-case scenario, the BYU star would take a similar leap. Worst case, he would prove himself unready, allowing the Jets to look elsewhere for their QB solution.

I'd bet the former. But regardless, this clarity would be worth every penny and pick invested.