Two ways the NY Jets can mimic the Miami Dolphins rebuild

NY Jets, Tyreek Hill
NY Jets, Tyreek Hill / Elsa/GettyImages
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The NY Jets are in the midst of an unexpectedly efficient rebuild. The 6-3 club has already surpassed their preseason win projection for the entire season. If things continue to progress at their current pace, the Jets have a real shot at a postseason berth.

Despite their hot start, New York could further ignite their rebuild by following an unexpected source: the rival Miami Dolphins. While it may seem unwise, or even crazy, to follow in the footsteps of a hated division rival, the benefits are worth the effort.

In fact, the Jets have already mimicked Miami in the following three key ways.

  1. Both teams have invested a top draft pick in a high-level quarterback prospect, Zach Wilson for New York and Tua Tagolialoa for Miami
  2. Each club has drafted a top receiver from a major colligate program to help their young QB develop, Jaylen Waddle and Garrett Wilson
  3. Both teams have built a dominant secondary, Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed in New York and Xavien Howard and Byron Jones in Miami

While these steps have already led to benefits for both franchises, I believe the opportunity to mimic Miami's rebuild template goes even further. What other ways can the Jets copy their AFC East opponent as they seek to surpass them?

Let's explore the next two obvious steps in the rebuilding process.