What's does the future hold for Mike White with the NY Jets?

NY Jets, Mike White
NY Jets, Mike White / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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NY Jets, Mike White
NY Jets, Mike White / Elsa/GettyImages

The next step for Mike White and the NY Jets

White was recently signed to a one-year, $2.54 million contract on March 16th of 2022. This signing shows that the NY Jets' front office still has hope in White to be a solid backup quarterback for the team to lean on if starter Zach Wilson goes down with an injury.

The front office has seen that under the bright lights, and without injury, White CAN succeed when called upon. Signing him to a one-year contract gives the front office a chance for White to continue to improve as a backup quarterback.

One of the big opportunities to arise for him may come as the season goes along. With potential quarterback injuries or fallouts, he may get a chance to take over the reins as a starting quarterback somewhere else outside of New York.

If the opportunity for him to be traded occurred, the Jets' front office could ask for a pick in between the fourth and sixth round in return.

The realistic factor though for him stands where he is now, as a solid backup quarterback for the NY Jets who can step onto the field and help lead the young core in the Big Apple in case Zach Wilson goes down.

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For now, Jets fans can only sit and wait to see if and when Mike White can have the opportunity to showcase his talents.