WATCH: Jets DE Micheal Clemons confronts Bills OT Dion Dawkins after Week 11 loss

Tensions were high following Sunday's loss
NY Jets, Micheal Clemons
NY Jets, Micheal Clemons / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Tensions were high following the NY Jets' ugly 32-6 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday as Jets defensive end Micheal Clemons and Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins got into a bit of an altercation in the tunnel after the game.

Clemons and Dawkins were involved in an on-field skirmish that resulted in a Dawkins personal foul in the second half of Sunday's Jets loss. Evidently, their issues spilled over into the tunnel after the game's conclusion.

In the video below, Clemons can be seen confronting Dawkins in the tunnel with both teams walking back to their respective locker room. Some words were exchanged as team members from both sides did their best to separate the two players.

It's unclear exactly what was said and there was no physical contact, but what is clear is that there's no love lost between these two division rivals. Below is the best video of the incident that's been posted.

Dion Dawkins called out Micheal Clemons and the NY Jets after the game

Dawkins spoke with Bills reporters following his team's victory on Sunday, and he had some choice words for the Jets locker room. He straight-up said that he was "not a fan of the Jets," calling the Jets' players "very disrespectful."

It was a frustrating night for the Jets, whose complete offensive ineptitude has reached historic levels at this point. Zach Wilson was benched, while Jets fans across the nation have unanimously called for the firing of offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

The offense's struggles have clearly affected the defense, too. A Jets defense that has been historically dominant this season had a few miscues on Sunday as the frustrations have evidently boiled over.

Those frustrations likely played a part in Clemons' altercation with Dawkins. These teams already don't like each other, and the Jets' defensive players weren't exactly in a good mood on Sunday.

From sideline blow-ups to postgame altercations, the Jets locker room has made their frustrations known.