NY Jets: Marcus Maye deserves to be a Jet for rest of career

NY Jets, Marcus Maye
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Unfortunately for both the NY Jets and safety Marcus Maye, a new contract extension didn't happen this offseason. The Jets ended up hitting Maye with the franchise tag which means next offseason, if a deal isn't reached, he'll be an unrestricted free agent.

In the grand scheme of things, the Jets dropped the ball here when it came to extending Maye. He's been nothing but a productive member both on and off the field representing Gang Green. Unlike other players that love to hit social media when they're disgruntled about their current contract situation, Maye stayed professional and focused on the task at hand.

With yet another new leadership regime and general manager, it's time the Jets stopped playing these games when it comes to the top, loyal players that are deserving of new, long-term contract extensions to reward them for what they bring to the table. It's not like Maye is a terrible football player, he's far from it, and the fact that the Jets were unable to get a deal done this offseason just isn't right.

NY Jets need to ensure Marcus Maye finishes career with franchise

So far in his four-year tenure with the Jets, Maye has totaled 266 tackles, four forced fumbles, and six interceptions. He's been a team leader, so much so that last year, in a forgettable 2-14 season, he was voted Team MVP by his peers. He's even considered to be a top-five safety in the entire NFL which again goes to show, he's a player worth keeping around in the long term.

How could any team treat a player like this considering how many bad rosters, coaches, and franchise decisions have happened around Maye just over the last five years with the Jets? Yes, it's all a business and at the end of the day, the Jets will do what is right financially to ensure a brighter future ahead but something has to give.

Maye has been consistent all throughout his young career and despite some injuries here and there, still has a lot of football left in him. He's great to have in the locker room and considering all the new faces heading into the new season, Maye will continue to have an impact behind the scenes in their development.

As a proven leader and a football player that gets the job done where it matters most on the gridiron, here's to hoping general manager Joe Douglas delivers and keeps Maye in the city that never sleeps for the rest of his career. You can undoubtedly build a great team around a player such as Maye and it'll pay off ten-fold in the future. Football players like Maye are rare in this day and age in professional sports. It would be nice to see that a player as loyal and productive as he has been being rewarded for sticking with the franchise through thick and thin.

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Perhaps it's wishful thinking but the Jets can start doing all the right things now with yet another new leadership regime. Besides winning football games and playing more competitively than we've seen over the years, it's just as important to take care of your football players. No one deserves to be a Jet for the rest of their professional football career than Maye. Hopefully, Douglas and company feel the same way to ensure Maye can continue to do what he loves and does best for many years to come.