Marcus Maye's agent is bungling the Kyler Murray situation as well

NY Jets, Kyler Murray
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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is not happy. More specifically, his agent, Erik Burkhardt is not happy. And Burkhardt made that abundantly clear with his message to Cardinals management on Monday.

He wants his client to get paid. And he's seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that it happens.

NY Jets fans might be familiar with Burkhardt's name. Flashback to around a year ago at this time, Burkhardt was making some noise on social media on the behalf of another one of his clients, Jets safety Marcus Maye.

Burkhardt's handling of the Maye situation ultimately backfired and cost his client millions of dollars. Now, he's seemingly in danger of doing the same with Murray.

The Kyler Murray situation is reminiscent of the Marcus Maye ordeal with the NY Jets

Let's run through a brief recap of what exactly happened between Maye, Burkhardt, and the Jets last offseason. Maye and Burkhardt were in search of a long-term extension from the Jets and entered preliminary negotiations with the organization.

But after extension talks went nowhere and it became clear that the Jets intended to use the franchise tag on Maye, Burkhardt took to social media in an attempt to place some pressure on the front office.

Needless to say, it didn't work out. Maye was hit with the franchise tag and continued extension talks with the Jets in the summer before ultimately returning to play on the tag in 2022.

Neither side was in the wrong here. The Jets made the smart business decision to place the tag on Maye while his agent, rightfully so, wanted his client to get paid. All's good, right? Not exactly.

Reports emerged in early October that Maye was facing charges from a DUI that had occurred some eight months earlier in February, notably before extension talks had fizzled.

Burkhardt had advised Maye to hide his February arrest from both the Jets and the NFL in hopes of securing an extension first. However, he instead reportedly turned down an offer from the Jets, albeit a low-ball offer, and shifted his focus to the 2021 season.

Maye would go on to tear his Achilles two months into the season and, when combined with his legal situation and likely impending suspension, has managed to completely tank his stock as a result.

Burkhardt overplayed his hand and got burned. In turn, he cost Marcus Maye millions of dollars. Maye will be lucky to land anything more than a one-year prove-it deal this offseason.

The Kyler Murray situation is shades of what happened with Marcus Maye to many Jets fans. Burkhardt is once again overstepping his negotiating tactics and trying to maximize leverage he doesn't even have.

Will the Murray situation end up exactly like the Maye situation? Probably not, but that doesn't mean this leverage tactic doesn't have a chance of blowing up in Murray's face just as it did with Maye.

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Jets fans have seen this movie before. They know how it ends. Unfortunately for Kyler Murray, he may be receiving advice from the wrong individual.