The NY Jets might play more London games in the near future

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The NY Jets have been awarded the international marketing rights to the United Kingdom as part of the league's International Home Marketing Area (IHMA) initiative. What does this mean for the franchise?

With an objective of growing American football globally, the IHMA initiative allowed all NFL teams the opportunity to bid on an international market.

The Jets got the United Kingdom, which could mean the Jets play more games in London.

New York will have at least one fan across the pond: Christian Pulisic, a soccer player for Chelsea F.C., has previously expressed his love for the Jets and will cheer the team on in London's stadiums.

The initiative does little to affect Jets fans in America, though it could replace home games with games in London.

NY Jets receive international marketing rights to UK, hope to increase global interest in American football

This past October, the Jets played one of their scheduled games against the Atlanta Falcons in London, but that was considered a road game with the Falcons at home.

London began hosting NFL season games in 2007, and to date, 28 games have been played in the English capital. The Jets have played in London just twice before, but now that the Jets retain marketing rights to the UK, the team may travel there more often.

Per the NFL's commitment to international games, all 32 teams will play at least one game outside the U.S. in the next eight seasons. The Jets will likely play their international games in the UK, where the franchise is starting new fan engagement platforms and partnerships with UK brands.

Eight seasons is a long stretch of time, though, and trying to create interest in a country that already has one form of "football" may be more difficult than the Jets realize.

If anything, the initiative will give fans a new dialect to converse about Jets games:

Crikey! Zach Wilson played terribly. Bollocks, the run defense is complete arse. Absolutely gutted by the loss today, lads.

While this venture doesn't have the same intriguing storyline as, say, that of Ted Lasso, it's always nice to gain more Jets fans.

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The Jets are coming for you, Big Ben (not the player).