Jets feel like landing spot for disappointing Nathaniel Hackett supplement no one asked for

Of course this coach will end up with the Jets
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The stubbornness of NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers means the hated offensive coaching staff led by offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is coming back in full for the 2024 season. The Jets are assembling whatever the direct opposite of the Avengers are on offense, collecting a bunch of recently deposed, underperforming minds.

Between Hackett at offensive coordinator, the much-maligned Keith Carter as offensive line coach, and the guy who oversaw Derek Carr and Ryan Tannehill regressions in Todd Downing as passing game coordinator, the Jets' offensive coaching staff is the closest thing we'll see to an idiocracy in the league.

With the Jets already (foolishly) choosing to bring Hackett and the entire coaching staff on offense back for 2024, any additions they make will likely be more coaches with a prior connection to Rodgers. One fired OC knows Rodgers well, which is all you need to be hired by the Jets nowadays.

While the Chicago Bears did not fire head coach Matt Eberflus, they did axe offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and many position coaches. Given Getsy's history with Rodgers and Hackett, it only seems natural that he would look to link back up with his old friends as he tries to stay in the league.

NY Jets could hire former Bears OC, Packers coach Luke Getsy

The Bears ranked 23rd and 18th in points per game over the last two seasons, but the tape looked much worse than those numbers suggested. Between horrendous offensive line play, confusing route combinations, and Getsy's inability to get Fields to release the ball quicker, the offense had a ton of variance.

While Getsy was once a hot coordinator after serving as the quarterbacks coach in Green Bay between 2019 and 2021 while adding the passing game coordinator title, his resume away from Rodgers (like Hackett) is lackluster.

Getsy was an OC at two non-FBS colleges, went to the Packers as a wide receiver coach for two years, and then coordinated a Mississippi State offense that ranked 68th in the country in scoring and saw their quarterback complete 51% of his passes. What a genius!

Perhaps he might work with Rodgers better than the inexperienced Rob Calabrese, but will that really move the needle?

Not only are the Jets making the wrong move by keeping Hackett around, but they are once again falling victim to the old trap of bringing in coaches and players who haven't had success anywhere without the force multiplier known as Rodgers. Getsy's stock isn't very high, but that won't stop the Jets.