NY Jets: Why the Joe Flacco trade makes sense for Gang Green

NY Jets, Joe Flacco
NY Jets, Joe Flacco / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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Would you please make it make sense? To the best of my knowledge, a NY Jets fan didn't invent the famous phrase people ask when they are baffled by something.

But they might as well adopt the saying for their current reality as Jets fans. A fanbase that often finds themselves questioning their very fandom for the green and white.

The Jets' trade on Monday for Joe Flacco has some people baffled and it invites many questions.

For example, why did general manager Joe Douglas trade away a 2022 sixth or fifth-round draft choice to the Philadelphia Eagles for 2020 Jets veteran quarterback Joe Flacco?

Well, there are a few different layers to this answer. I'll try my best to play devil's advocate and make sense of the move.

Why did the NY Jets trade for Joe Flacco?

Early on Monday, coming off of a humiliating 54-13 thrashing by the New England Patriots, the Jets got some positive news when it was announced that Zach Wilson suffered a sprained PCL that would keep him out of action for 2-4 weeks.

That was the best-case scenario coming out of Wilson's injury.

More than anyone else or any other aspect on the team, the most critical element to the Jets' 2021 season is the development of Zach Wilson.

The worst fear was that an MRI would reveal a torn PCL, which could have wiped out the rest of Wilson's rookie season. So the fact that he will be back this season is a positive.

The Jets need Wilson on the field, getting reps and learning through his growing pains. But for now, he will have to learn from the sidelines as an observer.