Former NY Jets QB is eyeing a return to football in 2023

Joe Flacco isn't ready to hang up the boots just yet

NY Jets, Joe Flacco
NY Jets, Joe Flacco / Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets are more confident about their quarterback situation entering the 2023 season than they have been in years. The arrival of Aaron Rodgers has breathed a new sense of optimism into the organization, helping fans forget about the revolving door at the QB position over the last few decades.

One of their old flings, however, isn't ready to call it quits just yet. Veteran quarterback Joe Flacco, who spent the majority of the last three seasons with the Jets, is still hoping to sign with a team this year.

Flacco spoke to ESPN's Jamison Hensley about his NFL future this week, and the former Super Bowl MVP revealed that he has no imminent plans to retire. He's not ready to hang up the cleats.

Flacco revealed that his agent reached out to NFL teams this spring but that there wasn't much interest. Still, the 38-year-old is hopeful that he will be able to receive another opportunity before the season ends.

"Listen, I can still play. That's me talking, obviously. I'm hoping that there's the silver lining that I'm not anywhere right now and that I can be available to anybody ... When people are really pressed to win some games, if they have to call on somebody, then they'd be more willing to get somebody like me who can hopefully come in and learn an offense pretty quickly and at least give you a fighting chance."

Joe Flacco

Former NY Jets quarterback Joe Flacco still wants to play in the NFL

Flacco has started nine games for the Jets over the last three seasons, and his stat line in those games isn't anything to scoff at. The longtime Baltimore Ravens quarterback threw for 14 touchdowns and only six interceptions, although he only won one of his nine starts.

Flacco started four games for the Jets last season, helping lead the team to one of their most incredible comeback wins in franchise history in Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns.

Never the most mobile quarterback to begin with, Flacco's best days are clearly behind him. While he still has the same mental makeup, his declining physical abilities have become apparent.

Still, he proved during his time with the Jets that he might still have something left in the tank. Perhaps some team will give him a call if the injury bug strikes.

Of course, it's hard to envision that team being the Jets. Behind Rodgers is former second-overall pick Zach Wilson, who the Jets are entrusting with their backup quarterback role this season. The team also has Tim Boyle on their practice squad.

It would take a significant degree of misfortune for the Jets to consider giving Flacco a call, but other teams could show some interest as the season progresses.

Flacco is keeping his options open and remains committed to playing again. For now, however, he's spending time with his family as he awaits a call from an NFL team.