NY Jets: Jamison Crowder on the 'chopping block' this summer?

NY Jets, Jamison Crowder
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The NY Jets have heavily leaned on Jamison Crowder to lead their wide receiver corps over the last two years, but that's likely set to change in 2021.

Crowder has been the Jets leading receiver in each of his years with the organization, but after sweeping changes at the position this offseason, it's widely expected that Crowder will take on a smaller role in the offense.

However, is it possible that he's not even on the team come September?

Patrik Walker of CBS Sports recently released a list of one player from each NFL team who is on the "chopping block" this summer, and Crowder was the Jets' unfortunate representative.

Could the NY Jets still move on from Jamison Crowder?

This, of course, seems unlikely given that not too long ago, the Jets and Crowder agreed to a reworked deal with the goal of keeping him in New York for the 2021 season.

The Jets were able to cut down Crowder's cap hit from roughly $11 million to just $6.35 million, with the caveat that nearly all of that salary is guaranteed.

For that reason, there really isn't a feasible scenario where the team outright cuts him. Financially, it just wouldn't make any sense.

Nonetheless, Walker made his case for why Crowder could be on the outs, while somewhat ignoring the financial implications of such a move.

"For as solid as Crowder continues to be, going young at the position and moving on from Crowder would've yielded a hefty cap savings of $10 million prior to him reportedly accepting a pay cut. The fact he had to do that to save his roster spot lets you know he's in jeopardy, and he'll still need to beat back the newcomers to get off of the hot seat."

Patrik Walker

There is one semi-realistic scenario that could see Crowder depart New York, perhaps even as soon as this summer. While Crowder would carry a $5.5 million dead cap hit if he were to be released, that dead cap charge would shrink to just $1 million if he was traded.

The Jets can still trade Crowder at any point without taking on a significant financial burden. That doesn't mean it's a likely scenario, however.

It would make little sense to trade Crowder, who remains a very good player, unless you can receive a relatively sizable haul in return. And it's unlikely the Jets get that before the season starts.

The more likely outcome would see the Jets potentially deal Crowder at the trade deadline, provided they aren't in contention for a playoff spot.

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Jamison Crowder may not be long for New York, but it remains unlikely that the Jets move on from him before the season starts.