NY Jets: The Jamal Adams situation continues to get uglier for the Seahawks

NY Jets, Jamal Adams
NY Jets, Jamal Adams / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets knew exactly what they were giving up when they traded star safety Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks a little over a year ago. And they were perfectly okay making the trade that they did.

It's not that Adams wasn't a superstar talent. Despite an injury-riddled disappointment of a 2020 season, Adams remains one of the best safeties in the NFL.

Instead, the Jets parted ways with Adams primarily due to his unhappiness with his contract situation. And the Seahawks are quickly reliving the same headache the Jets were forced to endure.

The Jamal Adams situation in Seattle is getting ugly. And it seems primed to get uglier and uglier as the months go on.

The NY Jets dodged a bullet with Jamal Adams

When the Seahawks traded for Adams, they didn't extend him right away. Instead, they insisted that he play out the 2020 season before revisiting extension talks in the offseason.

Unfortunately, in doing so, they gave him all the leverage in the world. It's a situation not too dissimilar to the Laremy Tunsil dilemma in Houston a few years ago.

The Seahawks are willing to make Adams the highest-paid safety in NFL history, that much has been established. But Adams wants more. He wants upwards of $20+ million per year, according to reports.

According to a recent report from Pro Football Talk, the Seahawks are done making offers to Adams as they feel they've treated him fairly. They are prepared to assess the situation one year at a time with the understanding that they could place the franchise tag on him twice if need be.

Given everything we know about Adams, it seems highly unlikely that this will sit well with him.

To make matters more complicated, Adams is prepared to challenge the franchise tag if Seattle opts for that route. The Seahawks would tag him as a safety, but Adams wants to be declared a linebacker, per PFT.

That designation would give Adams significantly more money. The projected tag for safeties in 2020 is $13.55 million. For linebackers (outside and inside are lumped together), that tag increases to $17.87 million.

Neither side is seeing eye to eye. The Seahawks have grown frustrated with Adams as he continues to decline what they deem to be reasonable offers. Adams believes he's worth more than what Seattle is offering and is prepared to make a fuss if he doesn't get what he feels he deserves.

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The Jets have seen this movie before. They know how it plays out. Only the Seahawks might not have the same happy ending that the Jets did.