NY Jets: 4 hypothetical trade packages for WR Julio Jones

NY Jets, Julio Jones trade
NY Jets, Julio Jones trade / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
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NY Jets, Julio Jones trade
NY Jets, Julio Jones trade / Al Pereira/Getty Images

NY Jets trade proposal for Julio Jones No. 2

Trading for Jones would give the Jets even more of a logjam at the wide receiver position. The solution? Send an already-expendable receiver in return.

The selection of Elijah Moore in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft marked the beginning of the end for Jamison Crowder in New York.

The veteran slot receiver has been the Jets' most productive wideout in each of the last two seasons, but with his contract set to expire at the end of the year, the writing is on the wall.

Crowder won't be playing for the Jets past the 2021 season. And there's still a non-zero chance that he isn't on the roster come Week 1.

As for Atlanta, trading away Jones would leave them with a sizable hole at wide receiver. Calvin Ridley is an excellent player and Russell Gage has quietly developed into a very reliable target, but behind them, there is very little depth.

Trading for Crowder would give Atlanta another capable wideout and could allow Gage to move outside and replace Jones while Crowder remains in the slot.

Crowder's trade value likely isn't very high at this point and the Jets could certainly offset this deal by holding on to a lot of his remaining salary. That way the cap-strapped Falcons would actually be able to afford this trade.

Retaining his salary would likely allow the Jets to get something for him (the equivalent of a fifth-rounder in this case) while his spot on the roster is essentially replaced by Jones.

Is this trade perfect? Far from it — and the financials would need to be worked out. But it makes some degree of sense for both sides and could be explored if the Jets were actually interested.