NY Jets: 4 hypothetical trade packages for WR Julio Jones

NY Jets, Julio Jones trade
NY Jets, Julio Jones trade / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
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The NY Jets are not going to trade for Julio Jones. I understand that notion might conflict with the premise of what you just clicked on, but it's important that we understand this first.

Jones remains embroiled in a series of trade rumors connecting him to teams like the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, and Tennessee Titans, among others.

The Jets, although they might have the cap space, aren't in the market for Jones for a variety of reasons.

From their offseason additions at the wide receiver position to the fact that they're not exactly looking to trade away future draft capital for an aging, 32-year-old receiver, it's safe to say that the Jets aren't blowing up the Atlanta Falcons' phones inquiring about Jones.

But what if in some fantasy scenario, the Jets actually did consider trading for Julio Jones? What might it cost? What could a trade package look like?

Again, this isn't going to happen. But for argument's sake, let's say that the Jets are dead set on surrounding rookie quarterback Zach Wilson with as much talent as possible.

For whatever reason, general manager Joe Douglas not only believes that Jones could help Wilson reach his full potential, but that he could actually help the Jets compete within the next two years.

If the Jets shocked the football world and traded for Jones, what could they feasibly offer? We take a look at four hypothetical (albeit improbable) trade packages.