Jets fans better hope a Jamal Adams reunion in 2024 doesn't happen

Adams coming back to New York would be brutal

Jamal Adams
Jamal Adams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

On the field, there was very little to complain about from former NY Jets safety Jamal Adams. He was a Pro Bowl player twice in three seasons while also making an All-Pro team. Since then, Adams has gone beyond simply burning bridges. He dropped napalm on the bridges and salted the surrounding earth.

Demanding to be traded is one thing, especially when Adam Gase was the coach, but to go out of your way to bad mouth the organization every chance he got helped make Adams one of the more reviled figures in recent Jets history. Even that hasn't stopped some from wanting him to return.

While Adams did set a record for sacks in a season by a defensive back with the Seattle Seahawks, injuries and some poor coverage reps helped his stock erode. With a new coach in Mike Macdonald coming in and Adams owed a ton of money, it seems likely that he will be released.

With Adams himself fanning the flames of a Jets return on Instagram and a small subset of fans begging for some sort of upgrade of safety, the winds may be aligning for an Adams reunion. Such a move wouldn't be in the best interests of the Jets as a defense.

NY Jets must avoid a Jamal Adams reunion

Adams has missed 33 games in the last four seasons, playing in just 10 during the 2022 and 2023 seasons combined. Adams, who struggled in coverage heavily last season, has not recorded a sack since his record-breaking 2020 campaign or an interception since 2021.

The Jets had generally bad safety play last year. Jordan Whitehead's INT numbers overshadowed a very volatile year in coverage, Tony Adams did not make good on the preseason hype, and Ashtyn Davis had a somewhat limited role. Why would bringing in Adams, who will cost a good chunk of change and is declining, be any better than what they had?

Do we even need to mention the whole Connor Hughes situation on Twitter? After a noisy season that saw Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas just a few millimeters away from losing their jobs, why would getting Adams help make the team more stable?

Adams needs to head to a team with a ton of patience and the willingness to use him in a very specific role. With how much is riding on the Jets' 2024 season for the rest of the organization, adding a firecracker like Adams seems like an unnecessary headache.