NY Jets hint at bringing back throwback Titans uniforms with cryptic social media change

Are the Jets bringing back these divisive uniforms?

David Clowney
David Clowney / Al Pereira/GettyImages

The NY Jets are either playing a silly April Fool's Day prank or they're preparing to bring back one of the most divisive uniform combinations in franchise history.

Eagle-eyed Jets fans on social media noticed that the Jets made a very interesting change to their X (formerly Twitter) profile photo on Monday. Instead of the typical Jets logo, the organization changed its photo to the old Titans of New York emblem.

This comes just a couple of months after the Jets officially announced that the classic "Legacy" jerseys the team introduced in 2023 would become a permanent fixture of the team's wardrobe in 2024.

This has now led to speculation that the Jets could be re-introducing the team's first uniform set as a new throwback combination in 2024.

The NY Jets could bring back classic Titans throwback jerseys in 2024

The Jets have not worn the classic Titans jerseys since Week 2 of the 2011 season, a 32-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. That was the last time the team had worn a throwback uniform set until last season.

The team's "Legacy" jerseys produced mixed results, as while the Jets did enjoy a thrilling Week 1 win over the Buffalo Bills while wearing these jerseys, it's hard not to correlate them with the loss of Aaron Rodgers.

The Jets also played one of their best games of the season in a Sunday Night Football showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs, only for officiating controversy to taint that night with a Jets loss.

Some fans still look back on the Titans throwbacks fondly, associating them with the team's back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances in 2009 and 2010. Others see the uniform set as an ugly abomination — one that's not representative of the Jets organization.

Perhaps the Jets' social media team is aware of the jerseys' divisive nature, which is why they teased their return as some sort of April Fool's Day prank. The timing of the change is notable.

Whatever the case, the Jets are expected to reveal their new uniform set in the coming days/weeks. Maybe, just maybe, they'll also bring back their classic Titans jerseys as well.