NY Jets 'GM' Sauce Gardner is back to work recruiting Davante Adams

GM Sauce Gardner is still holding out hope for a Davante Adams trade

Sauce Gardner
Sauce Gardner / Danielle Parhizkaran / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NY Jets' pipe dream of trading for All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams has seemingly vanished in recent months, but Sauce Gardner isn't ready to give up just yet.

The Jets' star cornerback has adopted the moniker of "LeSauce Gardner" this offseason, appointing himself as his team's de facto social media general manager and recruiting expert. He's continuing to put himself to work in an effort to convince Adams to join the Jets.

Gardner posted an image to social media on Monday of a custom-made nameplate by Buffalo Wild Wings. He tagged Adams in the post, as can be seen below.

Gardner continues to flirt with Adams on social media, even though it's been made abundantly clear in recent weeks that the Las Vegas Raiders have no plans to trade their star wide receiver. This hasn't deterred Gardner, though.

Sauce Gardner is still recruiting Davante Adams, but it's likely futile

Gardner has done his part this offseason recruiting players to the Jets, much like he did last year. His recruiting efforts helped his team land Aaron Rodgers a year ago, but he might not find the same success in 2024.

At the very least, Adams is unlikely to be headed to Florham Park any time soon. The six-time Pro Bowler appears to be happy with the current direction of the Raiders' organization following the hiring of Antonio Pierce.

Meanwhile, the Raiders have made it very clear that they do not intend to move Adams at any point in the near future. The Raiders don't want to trade him, and Adams doesn't seem to want a trade. That doesn't offer much room for Jets optimism.

Of course, as long as Aaron Rodgers is the Jets' quarterback, there will be rumors about a potential Packers reunion in New York. But unless plans change, Adams isn't going anywhere.

Gardner is doing his best to recruit star players to the Jets. Unfortunately, his efforts to recruit Adams will likely be in vain.