NY Jets WR Garrett Wilson could reach key statistical milestone tonight

The young star has continued to be a constant force amongst the chaos
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

I simply cannot heap enough praise onto NY Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson, the reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year, who has had to deal with trying to develop within one of the most dysfunctional franchises in all of pro sports.

The stat I love to share is that Mike Evans, the first player in NFL history to start his career with 10 straight 1,000-yard seasons, had seven QBs throw him the football over that decade.

32 games into Wilson's career, he has already had seven QBs throw him the football, and none of them have even been the caliber of young Jameis Winston, let alone a hungry Tom Brady who was looking to win without Bill Belichick. So, for Garrett to succeed under these circumstances is quite an accomplishment!

He’s already publicly mentioned how important that 1,000-yard milestone is to him, and he followed that up by accruing the most targets he’s had in a game this season (15) en route to 76 yards.

Garrett Wilson can reach 1,000 receiving yards on the season in tonight's game

This week, he faces one of the best defenses in the entire NFL that is dangerous in every single phase of defense. Elite pass rush, an elite secondary, and one of the best defensive coordinators in the game (Jim Schwartz).

The good news is that if their game plan is to shut down the Jets’ top receiving threat, they’d probably focus their energy on another sophomore Jets player.

Breece Hall has been spectacular in the passing game as of late and has led the Jets in receptions in three of the last five games. This type of historic domination is sure to capture the attention of the rest of the league and may open the path for Wilson to quietly get the 42 yards required to reach his 1,000-yard milestone.

From there, he may attempt to achieve a new career-high, which is certainly possible. He had 1,103 yards last year, so 146 yards in the next two games would give him a new career high.

There are quite a few times this season where he has combined for more than 146 yards in consecutive games, so there is certainly hope that he can do so in these next two games to get a new career high.

At the very least, however, we know for certain that Wilson is looking to get 42 of them in tonight's game.