Takeaways from the NY Jets Flight 2022: New Heights series

NY Jets, Robert Saleh
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Episode 5: Now it's time to close the gap

The final episode of the series wrapped up the other three draft picks the Jets made on day two and day three respectively.

This included a cool moment where Rich Eisen was reviewing the team's first four picks and asked the question "is it possible that the Jets got the best player at cornerback, wide receiver, edge, and running back?" to which we see Joe Douglas in the room responding with a resounding "yes we did."

This type of confidence in the way to approach the draft, now with back-to-back years of seemingly excellent picks, is another boost for the fan base to be able to have faith in the direction of the team.

Possibly the highlight of the entire series was in this episode where we see Zach Wilson talking about his thoughts on the offseason while he slowly cooks a single egg.

He mentioned how the front office kept him involved throughout the offseason in terms of team building as well as how Garrett Wilson was the wide receiver he wanted in the draft.

The Jets quarterback was also locked into preparing a protein-packed breakfast while discussing the vibe of the team as his aforementioned singular egg was on the pan for quite some time.

The series closed with an impassioned speech from Robert Saleh emphasizing the importance of closing the gap within the division. This is something that Saleh has preached since the moment last season ended.

While every game matters, it will be noteworthy to see how the Jets perform within divisional matchups this year given how much he has mentioned its significance.

It's easy to get swept up in the hype that a series like this creates. Behind-the-scenes content produced at a high level will get any Jets fan's heart rate going, but the foundation being set from the top down shown throughout these episodes is a beacon of hope for the fanbase.

The way to take this franchise to new heights as the title of the series suggests will ultimately come from turning this positive energy into meaningful improvement in the wins category this season.

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Let's hope the coaching staff and players can live up to the moment as we enter one of the more exciting seasons in recent history for this team.